icono base plato de ducha unic
shower tray


Our new Unic series is designed to adapt to you, allowing you to customise your shower space completely, and create a unique product. With clean geometry, it is an ideal shower tray to deal with pillars and off-squareness.

acotación técnica del plato de ducha unic

* Integrated and centered valve


Non-slip surface class 3

Three-dimensional drainage curve

plato de ducha a medida


Standard drainer included


How to customise your shower area

Follow these simple instructions to get your ideal shower tray.

primer paso para elegir tu plato de ducha

Limit the exterior area of your shower tray

medidas para zona interior de baño para plato de ducha UNIC

Select the interior shower area

tercer paso colocar la zona de ducha

Choose its position within your shower space

Now you have your custom shower tray

cuatro acabado final del plato de ducha unic

Make it happen! Contact us and we will give you all the information you need for your project. What are you waiting for?


This shower tray is compatible with the following bathroom accessories.

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