Shower trays

In Mundilite, we are bespoke shower tray manufacturers with a wide experience in the made-to-measure bathroom products. Besides that, we have been lately working to manufacture modern shower trays, personalized design shower trays, to achieve that distinguished touch that the bathroom also deserves.

In our shower trays collection you will find a large chromatic range with a wide variety of textures, all of them manufactured with the best anti slip resin. We offer you a tailor-made service by adapting our production to the available space, always searching for the best option for the customers day-to-day.





Bespoke shower tray

The shower is an essential item in every bathroom. Therefore, we manufacture our shower trays to measure, so that they fit perfectly. Just what you need. This is why we offer shower trays with any geometric shape that you can imagine (from a rectangular Shower Tray to one with asymmetric sides) and with different waste positions, always considering the available space.

Platos a medida  con pilar

with pillar

Skirting a pillar or wall ledge

Platos a medida  con recorte


Adaptable to the angle of the wall

Platos a medida  Valvula desplazada

displaced valve

Valve placed at any point of the tray

Solutions for all people

Soluciones para todas las personas

At Mundilite we are constantly looking for ways to satisfy the needs of all people. And to do it in the best possible way. That is why we offer the best solutions with high quality materials. All this within a varied offer that includes rectangular to angular shower trays and other shapes. All of them with non-slip material to prevent slipping when we step on a floor full of water. And, of course, our offer of shower trays adapted to the specific problems of people with reduced mobility or who use a wheelchair could not be missing. You can contact us and explain the factors that can influence your choice. Our specialists will guide you to choose the right product. We will take into account issues such as available space or user needs.


What colour do you want? What is your favourite texture? Mundilite offers you a world of personalized options. From wooden aspect shower trays to slate textured shower trays or many other options that you will find in our range. Design your own shower tray to your likings and we will make it real.


Platos de ducha colores  blanco


Platos de ducha colores  pergamon


Colores  crema


Platos de ducha colores  vison


Platos de ducha colores  mocca


Platos de ducha colores  cloud


Platos de ducha colores  cemento


Platos de ducha colores  antracita


Platos de ducha colores  chocolate


Platos de ducha colores  negro



st onetexturasoft


st onetexturaSkin


st onetexturasintetic


st onetexturamushroom


st onetexturas


st onetexturapizarra


st onetexturasmoothwood

Smooth Wood

st onetexturagres tech


st onetexturagreysteel

Grey Steel

Light shower trays

HGM Technology is an innovative system that can be applied to the entire ST-ONE series, reducing the weight of our shower trays by around 40%, allowing quick and easy installation, as well as improving their mechanical properties.

Complete your bathroom

Are you seduced by the world of options that you have to design your bathroom and choose the perfect shower tray?

You will also find all kind of accessories. Get inspired with the best solutions and bathroom accessories to make the most of your room.

Where to buy

Locate a Mundilite distributor and tell them about your project.
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