Spare parts and spare parts for screens

At Mundilite we are on our way to three decades of dedicating ourselves to offering all kinds of solutions for the bathroom, always taking into account the latest trends in terms of design and functionality.

Here we present our collection of spare parts for shower screens. And it is that, sometimes, due to use or due to some blow or bad movement, our partition may suffer a small damage to any of its parts, requiring a replacement quickly so that it can continue giving the necessary usability to the user. Or, simply, it may be required if other elements of the bathtub or shower have been purchased separately.

What replacement screen do you need?

We present our product offer that includes a collection of different parts, spare parts or spare parts for shower screens. Stainless steel and nylon are some of the most common materials in these elements.

  • Shower screen bearings. Standard bearing and more types of partition bearings.

  • Wheels for partitions.Replacement rubbers for partitions, flashing rubbers.

  • Profiles for partitions.Sliding doors.

  • Guides.

  • Stud guide.

  • Lower runners.

  • Hydromassage cabin.

  • Other accessories for bathroom screens.

Do you want to renew your shower screen?

If, on the other hand, you are hesitating whether to replace some parts of your screen or directly buy a new shower screen, we invite you to discover our wide selection on our website. Likewise, you can contact a Mundilite distributor at any time who will inform you of everything, advising you from the moment you contact him and offering you the best recommendations.

Contact now and expose your project to Mundilite!

Other screen spare parts

Our product offering seeks to adapt to the needs of each client. Therefore, if what you need are other types of spare parts for showers, at Mundilite we have everything you need in bathroom spare parts. We’ll even do our best to provide you with replacement parts for discontinued products, like our hydromassage columns.

On the other hand, if your problem lies in the damage caused by improper use of the surface of your shower tray, we offer you the ideal solution with our Mundilite repair kit for shower trays.

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Where to buy

Do you need more info? Know the price of one or several products? The best thing is that you contact our website directly and inform us of what you need. We will advise you to give you the most appropriate and fastest solution.

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