About us

At Mundilite we are manufacturers of shower screens, shower trays, washbasins, access doors, bathroom furniture, 3D panels and kitchen sinks.


Javier Ruiz


Our team

Mundilite is made up of a team of qualified professionals who are prepared to carry out each project, with the highest level of guarantees, using top quality materials and manufacturing techniques that ensure the best results.

Furthermore, our team is always in the search of new solutions to be able to widen and ameliorate the services that we provide and our products.


Antonio Jiménez

Sales manager


Jose Luis

Jose Luís Huelves


Experience as sanitary ware manufacturers

Ever since we started almost 30 years ago, we have had a clear commitment to innovation, based on values such as quality and service. We have now expanded our facilities, renewed the production line and incorporated new materials, while maintaining our customer service standards at all times – something which has made us a benchmark in the sector.

Our values

fabroca a medida
We manufacture to measure

At Mundilite we know that each space is unique, which is why we manufacture our products to measure to save shapes that previously seemed impossible.

Taking care of the detail

We produce with the best materials. Our products pass an exhaustive quality control before delivery to the customer.


Personalized Attention

We get involved in each project. We work side by side with our clients, helping them to carry out their projects and giving them a global service.


Design products

We offer a wide variety of products, all of them designed to fulfil their functionality and adapt to any space.

Where we are

We work internationally, allocating up to 40% of our production to Europe.

Bathroom company

Times change, everything evolves frantically. This is what happens in every room, in our homes or in our labor establishment, and this is what happens to bathrooms. Do you need to renovate and set up your bathroom to the modern times? Is it due to the lack of space, the lack of comfort, or just an image makeover? Are you looking for a company specialized in bathrooms that can offer you everything you need in this area? This is the aim of our team, our mission, to try always to create personalized areas and made-to-measure solutions for the end user.

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