Shower Shelves

HYDRA by MUNDILITE collection is a range of shower shelves made in anodised aluminium.
Specially designed for an easy and speed set on.

We propose you 2 different shapes SPACE and GALAXY available in 6 colours that match with any kind of ambiance classic or modern.


SPACE shower shelves

bandeja space estante hydra

GALAXY shower shelves

bandeja galaxy estante hydra

SPACE Shower Shelves
20 x 20 cm

colores disponibles estante space
croquis estante space 20x20

*Transportation not included

GALAXY Shower Shelves
25,5 x 15 cm

colores disponibles estante galaxy
croquis estante galaxy 25,5 x 15 cm

*Transportation not included

Complement your bathroom

Do you need more accessories or furniture for your bathroom? Mundilite counts with more elements for the bathroom. Furthermore, they keep the same production line, so they will be easy to combine with.

Get inspired with the best solutions for your bathroom.

Where to buy

Locate a Mundilite distributor and tell them about your project.

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