Many people are unaware of its meaning. A copet is simply a trim, a profile or a plinth that is placed on the countertops and that can fulfill several functions, hiding mismatches or imperfections that are found in the union of the countertop with the wall or, even avoid any leak. Normally, its function is aesthetic, acting as a trim for a bathroom countertop.

And it is that, when doing works or a reform in the bathroom, be it complete or partial, if a countertop is installed to measure, it can be a practically impossible task that is perfectly adjusted and packed with the tiles or the wall, whatever it is. That is why, in those cases, bathroom countertops are a perfect solution, even more so if they are of the same design as the countertop itself. This will reinforce the uniform style of this area of the bathroom and will perfectly fulfill its aesthetic task.

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Bathroom trims: our models

We advise you to take a look at our models of countertops and upstands. If you want to buy a pompadour for the bathroom now, but you have any questions when consulting our website, you can ask our specialists through our customer service. Contact Mundilite now!

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