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Shower Tray

Our new Venice shower tray plays with balance and symmetry in pure minimalism, perfect for spaces where harmony is the main theme.

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caracteristicas platos de ducha  antideslizante

Non-slip surface class 3

caracteristicas platos de ducha  curva desague

Three-dimensional drainage curve

caracteristicas platos de ducha  planimetria para mampara

Planimetry for shower screen

caracteristicas platos de ducha  valvula estandar incluida

Standard drainer included

caracteristicas platos de ducha  espesor estandar plato cm


Without limits

Venice is a shower tray designed for larger bathrooms to create more spacious shower environments. In the larger formats you can find the ideal plate to replace the bathtub, and with an easy installation, without big works.

The Venice model has a flat perimeter area that can vary according to the size. Our technical department will advise you on the best dimensions for your bathroom.


This shower try is compatible with the following bathroom accessories.

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