Innovation and design – BLACK matte colour for sinks

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We are always innovating and developing new products to guarantee our customers the best quality and service. That is why we have expanded our range of finishes for sinks made from SOLIDECK and would like to involve you in our study to better explain the process for obtaining colour in solid surfaces.   

The colour of the product is always dependent on the composition

The colour of the product is always dependent on the composition, the manufacturing process and our visual perception, which in turn depends on environmental factors (mostly light). For that reason, and to ensure uniform and thorough micropigmentation, in all of our products we add the colour directly to the material during the manufacture process. This also offers major advantages when it comes to durability, repair and daily maintenance, as the colour is contained within the material itself.  However, depending on the colour, there is still the issue of “White Scratches”.

BLACK matte colour for sinks

The issue of “White Scratches”

Why is it that when we scratch a material with a dark finish it always leaves a white mark? When these kinds of materials are scratched by other harder elements, it produces edges that can only be seen under a microscope. When the light hits these edges, the reflection means that we see the scratch in a white or dark grey colour, which is a factor that may deter people from using dark or strong colours.

Perfect finish that meets our brand’s quality standards

However, we have found a solution that enables us to add the BLACK MATTE colour to our range of sinks. After performing a number of tests and improving the formulation, we have managed to minimise these edges and eliminated the problem of white scratching.  As a result, our black sinks are more durable and extra resistant to scratching and impacts, thus achieving one of the best and most advanced products on the market to date. We would like to thank our researchers and employees for this great achievement.

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Perfect finish that meets our brand's quality standards

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