How to eliminate the bad odour in shower drains

eliminar malos olores

Do you want to know how to eliminate bad odours? And how to ensure your bathroom is always clean and fresh?

A bad odour in bathroom pipes is one of the problems that occur most often in bathrooms, and when this happens it can extend throughout the house.

Why do they smell?

How to eliminate bad odours

There are several reasons why there is a bad odour in drains, because they are linked to a wastewater circuit, which eventually flows into the sewer network and is the siphon responsible for preventing bad odours.

The valves of the shower tray have a siphon trap and its function is to prevent bad odours in the pipes, so, if you have ever had problems with odours it is likely to be because you do not have the siphon trap placed on the valve.

If we have not used the drain for a long time or there are heavy rains, bad odours can also be caused in the pipes. We recommend that if you have not used the shower for a while, put a bucket of clean water on the shower tray before using it. Bad odours can also occur due to a badly-sealed joint, or there may be a double siphon, which causes strong suction and leaves the siphon trap empty.

As we have said, the bad odours in the drain may arise for several reasons, and among them it can also be due to the accumulation of inorganic waste, like the products of body hygiene. To prevent it from accumulating, we recommend continuous maintenance.

How to eliminate bad odours

natural remedies

There are many environmentally-friendly natural remedies that we can apply.

If the problem is not to do with the siphon, and it is properly installed, we recommend preparing a mixture of lukewarm water, 5 tablespoons of baking soda and a glass of white vinegar. Once prepared, pour it down the drain and let stand between 30 and 45 min, enough time for a natural caustic reaction to occur, and it may come out in the form of foam through the drain. After the waiting time pour in boiling water.

If the previous remedy has not been enough, boil 4 glasses of white vinegar; when it is boiling, pour the baking soda into the clogged drain and then the boiling vinegar, this combination will dissolve the dirt accumulated in the pipes. Wait 30 or 45 minutes before turning on the water tap.

These remedies are also a good option for regular maintenance of our pipes.

If the bad odours persist we recommend a review of the installation, checking joints and that suction does not occur due to a double siphon.

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