surfacePlus material

SurfacePlus is a material with a long history in the world of design. Its main characteristics include resistance to water, to chemical products and its hardness. The surface is pleasant to the touch and similar to natural stones.
surfaceplus material con altas prestaciones en el mundod el diseño


Antibacteriano propiedades material solideck


Our antibacterial treatment inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria, an effective tool against stains and bad odours.

material ecologico par anuestros lavabos surfaceplus


SurfacePlus is an environmentally friendly material, thanks to its composition of natural minerals. It is also characterized by not emitting volatile compounds, maintaining a clean and pure environment.

Proteccion contra los rayos UV material fregadero solideck

UV protection

Material stabilized against sun exposure and UV rays (Ultaviolet), to guarantee color protection and a long useful life.

resistencia al choque termico material fregadero solideck

Thermal shock resistant

The low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it resistant to the transition from heat to cold, under normal use conditions.

material exclusivo surfaceplus solidsurface

exclusive material

Developed by the Mundilite brand, it is a material with clear exclusive characteristics that make it unique in the market. Its greatest advantage is that of being able to create spaces without joints, to create unique environments.

diseños unicos de lavabos surfaceplus

Original designs

SolidSurface is a material that allows us to create shapes that seemed impossible before, to design spaces for you and yours.

acabados colores y texturas


This material is characterized by its pure white finish. But in order to continue customizing your sink, you have the BiColor option, so we can color your sink on the outside.

Bathrooms modern are increasingly customizable, so you can create a beautiful color range, you can choose between 10 standard colors and a multitude of RAL colors.

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