icono lineal mampara angulares abatible cantón

Shower screen

Rising double pivot door. Outward opening. Return position 0-90º. Elevation pivot.

técnico mampara angular medidas fabricación cantón

Width L1+L2 = 120 to 180 cm


iconos caracteristicas  ancho a medida

Custom width


Glass thickness

iconos características  pomo de serie

Exclusive knobs design

iconos caracteristicas  cierre magnetico

Coated magnetic clasp

iconos características  juntas de estanqueidad

Water-proof door gasket

iconos caracteristicas  sistema expansion

Compensation profile

iconos características  tornillería oculta

Hidden fixation screws

Compatible with:
Fixed glass 6 mm

This fixed shower or bath is adapted to your needs, allowing an assembly in line or  angle. In addition, its versatile design makes it ideal for both shower and bath.

compatible con FIJO VIDRIO MM


This product is compatible with the following bathroom accessories.

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