What colours combine to decorate your bathroom?

Depending on the light and space you have available you can play with combining colours. Take the opportunity to capture your style with that little touch of distinction.

A small or windowless bathroom

In decorating small bathrooms it is ideal to create an effect of space and light.

  • Tiles.Walls in blue and white tones, and a floor in blue, create the visual effect of space and light, plus harmony and tranquility. The touch of colour on the floor will allow you to hide dirt slightly.
  • Screen. Dare to use a little colour with decorated glass as with the Corsive type, or with a natural and original choice such as Red Sea. If you want the profiles in white, in keeping with the whole bathroom, a circular New Glass screen or an angular S .3000 CUSP could be your model.

You can choose a model with maximum screen opening, with a door that allows you to save space.

  • Shower unit. You can choose one of the resin shower trays, with a skin texture in soft tones like pergamon. So you can add a little colour without clashing with the tiles. You can also opt for shades like vison if you decide to combine with screen printing Red Sea.
  • Toilet. The prestigious Japanese firm Toto Aquia II features the model, ref. CST416M # 01. This particular model is reasonably priced within its range. You can choose cotton or colonial white tone.
  • Bidet. These also come in various shapes and colours. Also available is the  Pacifica model, that matches the Toto, mentioned before.
  • Sink. The Epsilon model has curves that soften the lines. So it is easy on the eye. A good choice for this model is the skin texture and pergamon colour.
  • Accessories. You can try an integrated towel heater, depending on the room available either one or two rails.  Both are available in the same texture and colour and with a choice of several sizes.Imagen de estante Skin pergamon
  • Furniture. Needs to be functional, and the use of one mirror will give the feeling of space.


An idea. When your bathroom is connected to a bright bedroom or vice versa, you can incorporate a sliding glass door to give light to the room that lacks it. If you are looking for an economic model, the PT-100 is ideal. Use also in a medium or vertical printed glass screen and this will preserve privacy while allowing the light through.


How about a splash of colour?

There are basic colour combinations, which all can be found on the colour wheel. This can serve as a basis when choosing your ideal colour combination.

Imagen del círculo cromático y relaciones entre los colores

  • Analog colours are those colours that are close on the colour wheel. An example: red and orange red.
  • Complementary colours are at opposite ends of the colour wheel. Example: violet and yellow.
  • Monochromatic colours are those that vary in tone within the same colour.

At the same time you can combine contrasting colours, you can change the hue of one of them. Brown and green are an example of this and intertwine perfectly.


  • Walls or tiles. Best not to overload. A beige hue for example.
  • Screen. You can choose a shower screen with discreet screen printing i.e. DECOLOR Leaf or  Shells in different versions to create a more calming environment. With the Smart series you will create a minimalist environment.
  • Shower tray. Perfect with a smooth wood texture in chocolate.
  • Sink. A good idea would be the Sigma 2 model with worktop in smooth wood texture and combining two colours (bicolor.Lavabo Sigma con 2 senos en color chocolate y blanco

Advice. If the sink is to be combined with a piece of furniture, you can choose the sink body in smooth wood, synthetic or white. The cabinet would look great in chocolate brown tone matt lacquer or real wood veneer. Look!

Note. Textures like leather or wood become more noticeable by combining them with a neutral colour like white.

  • A complement. The vantgarde seat can be matched together with the sink.


Dare to be different

A good base would be to choose a colour without a hue, such as neutral, and then add colour.

Paleta de colores neutros o acromáticos

If this is your style, a mixture of achromatic colours  where you could highlight a vivid colour. Imagine a black and white bathroom with red accents.

  • Screen. You can try  glass decorated with serigraphs DECOLOR Egypt in different versions or Chinese. A model of screen Walk-in type is very attractive and at the same time simple and elegant.
  • Shower tray. It will be a good choice a ST-ONE leather texture highlighting a black colour.
  • Sink. It would be a good option to use Alpha 2 model with skirt, bio-color, with a white breast counter top and a black leather texture to match.

Advice. If you want to put in a piece of furniture, you can use colours or black in matte, to avoid glare.

  • Complement. Think of using a shelf in the same line of colours and textures as the shower and the sink.

Advice. You can choose the colour red and its variations for small bathrooms. Using this colour will give the space colour and life.

  • Seat. Go for a cutting-edge model and personality to this daring bathroom. This is the model Podium, with texture and colour.Asiento para baño color negro

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