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How to eliminate the bad odour in shower drains

Do you want to know how to eliminate bad odours? And how to ensure your bathroom is always clean and fresh? A bad odour in bathroom pipes is one of the problems that occur most often in bathrooms, and when this happens it can extend throughout the house. Why do they smell? There are several […]

10 advantages of mineral resin shower trays

Resin shower trays are quickly taking over from the porcelain and acrylic trays. Do you want to know why this is happening? Read this article to get to know all about resin shower trays.[/av_notification’] Resin shower trays are made of a mixture of resins and mineral pressings and are more resistant than acrylic and fiberglass. […]

Change your old bathtub for a shower

In recent years, we have become less fussy and more eco-friendly due to general circumstances, this has led us to make a few changes in the way we plan our products. We mainly focus on bathtubs and showers. There are many advantages of changing your bathtub to a shower; at Mundilite we are willing to […]

Saving space in small bathrooms

As you know, there is never a second chance for a first impression. When your bathroom is small, it’s normal to encounter problems finding suitable furniture for it, right? Do not panic, we are here to help you! Also at Mundilite we will show you the best tips and tricks to help you get the […]

Bathroom decoration trends

The bathroom has become a relaxing space in which we spend a lot of time taking care of our bodies and minds. It is the place where you can disconnect from work and all of the daily tasks. You should devote time to care for yourself, and in a comfortable space, without forgetting the design. […]

How to eliminate your shower screens limescale

How many products have you used to try to eliminate the limescale on your shower screen? Daily, water containing lime and shower gels can leave traces on the screen. Dirt exposed on the screen penetrates the glass through tiny pores. If you have not yet found the formula that helps your daily cleaning, a screen […]

Types of materials for your bathroom basin

Questions that will help you choose the material for your bathroom sink : Is it a quality material? What maintenance is required? What are the possibilities of matching my bathroom? Here you will find information on all the different materials available . Choose the one for you! The ceramic Did you know that ceramic materials […]

The ideal material for a shower

When you have clear ideas about your shower, it is important to know what material best suits your needs. Do you have a custom dish or a standard one? One made with synthetic or natural materials? Shower trays standard measures Among them are those made of ceramic, acrylic, FRP and enamelled steel. Steel glazed Estos […]

What colours combine to decorate your bathroom?

Depending on the light and space you have available you can play with combining colours. Take the opportunity to capture your style with that little touch of distinction. A small or windowless bathroom In decorating small bathrooms it is ideal to create an effect of space and light. Tiles.Walls in blue and white tones, and […]