How to eliminate the bad odour in shower drains

Do you want to know how to eliminate bad odours? And how to ensure your bathroom is always clean and fresh?

A bad odour in bathroom pipes is one of the problems that occur most often in bathrooms, and when this happens it can extend throughout the house.

Why do they smell?

There are several reasons why there is a bad odour in drains, because they are linked to a wastewater circuit, which eventually flows into the sewer network and is the siphon responsible for preventing bad odours.

The valves of the shower tray have a siphon trap and its function is to prevent bad odours in the pipes, so, if you have ever had problems with odours it is likely to be because you do not have the siphon trap placed on the valve.

If we have not used the drain for a long time or there are heavy rains, bad odours can also be caused in the pipes. We recommend that if you have not used the shower for a while, put a bucket of clean water on the shower tray before using it. Bad odours can also occur due to a badly-sealed joint, or there may be a double siphon, which causes strong suction and leaves the siphon trap empty.

As we have said, the bad odours in the drain may arise for several reasons, and among them it can also be due to the accumulation of inorganic waste, like the products of body hygiene. To prevent it from accumulating, we recommend continuous maintenance.

How to eliminate bad odours

There are many environmentally-friendly natural remedies that we can apply.

If the problem is not to do with the siphon, and it is properly installed, we recommend preparing a mixture of lukewarm water, 5 tablespoons of baking soda and a glass of white vinegar. Once prepared, pour it down the drain and let stand between 30 and 45 min, enough time for a natural caustic reaction to occur, and it may come out in the form of foam through the drain. After the waiting time pour in boiling water.

If the previous remedy has not been enough, boil 4 glasses of white vinegar; when it is boiling, pour the baking soda into the clogged drain and then the boiling vinegar, this combination will dissolve the dirt accumulated in the pipes. Wait 30 or 45 minutes before turning on the water tap.

These remedies are also a good option for regular maintenance of our pipes.

If the bad odours persist we recommend a review of the installation, checking joints and that suction does not occur due to a double siphon.

10 advantages of mineral resin shower trays

Resin shower trays are quickly taking over from the porcelain and acrylic trays. Do you want to know why this is happening? Read this article to get to know all about resin shower trays.[/av_notification’]

Resin shower trays are made of a mixture of resins and mineral pressings and are more resistant than acrylic and fiberglass. In addition, they are made of a waterproof material and there is a possibility to choose between different texture styles such as slate, limestone, natural stone… For the manufacturers, like us, this allows us to make extra slim and very large shower trays.

Now we know about their composition, you must know that not all resin shower trays are the same and each has different characteristics so let’s get to the point.



1 – More rigid

They are characterized by being one solid piece, in most cases, providing a feeling of solidness like only porcelain trays offered. Most other shower trays often give a sense of instability and fragility, unlike the resin alternative.

2 – Warmth

A luxury for the winter! The component materials of the shower cause a warm and pleasant sensation when stepping in, usually bare footed!

3 – Made to fit

We always make shower trays to fit your requirements, depending on the space you have available in the bathroom. It will be very useful especially for small bathrooms. Also, it achieves a complete flat surface over the entire shower tray, so when installing a shower screen, you avoid having to add additional levelling supplements.

4 – Non-slip surface

Forget about all the slips and slides! Resin shower trays have the highest score on safety, the surfaces can be made rough or smooth, but they all have an anti-slip treatment, normally certified as Class 1, fully appropriate for any use, and even grade 2 certifications, which are well above the score obtained by other shower trays.



5 – Easy installation

The most distinctive point of resin shower trays is that they already come with perfectly defined slopes. The person responsible for the installation only has to worry about perfectly levelling the tray so is its flat. Ensuring great results and without the water drainage problems. Now it does not take an expert to install this kind of shower trays. You can take a look at our instructions of how to change a shower.

6 – Totally waterproof

The materials used in the shower trays are, new completely waterproof materials. This represents an important advantage over built in shower trays that use materials such as tiles and others, in this case the waterproof protection is often provided by applyable coats, such as roofing felt. In these cases, the water tight effect can only be guaranteed if the installation has been done by a professional.

Remember that it also depends on the correct sealing of the joints. In the case of resin shower trays, as we can manufacture them to your measurements, you can create a seamless shower space so the seal is fully guaranteed.

7 – Easy to clean

Tolerance to different cleaning chemicals depends on the materials used in the manufacture of each model, but generally the level of resistance to the chemicals is very high.

 8 – Low height, easy accessibility and top safety

These 3 factors are responsible for encouraging many people to replace the bathtub for a resin shower. They are more comfortable with no steps or walls and free movement within it.

9 – Excellent price / quality

Another reason for the success of this type of shower tray, is that, although they are more expensive than other compound trays made of other materials, the product is worth it because it is forever!

A shower tray for a lifetime!

10 – Bathroom trend and design

Besides having a much higher quality than the rest of the shower trays, it also allows us to add an aesthetic touch, an element of great impact in a bathroom.

Currently, we offer a variety of designs of classic colours like white, beige or black but there are also a wide range of contemporary colours. Another possibility is to choose between different textures such as stone, slate, smooth finish, among others. In addition, there are also decorative designs as diverse as zebras, circles, lines, boxes or any other pattern that we can think of.

The most important thing is that, even if you choose the design you like, the quality will still be the same, all 10 points you just read, guaranteed.

We would like you to know that at Mundilite, we have made a ramp for this type of tray for easy access for those who need it. We know that everyone has different needs.



Change your old bathtub for a shower

A bathtub can offer a nice relaxing bath, but a shower uses less space and is more practical thanks to its easy and secure access.

In recent years, we have become less fussy and more eco-friendly due to general circumstances, this has led us to make a few changes in the way we plan our products. We mainly focus on bathtubs and showers. There are many advantages of changing your bathtub to a shower; at Mundilite we are willing to help you change your bathroom.



Steps to take

Before getting our hands dirty, we need a design. So grab a pen and paper and create a sketch. Make sure you already know what type of shower you prefer. At Mundilite we have several models such as the different lines of ST-One Smooth, framed, drying area, angular, panels and others such as Next, Wind and Classic. With panels, changing the bathtub for a shower will be much easier.

Then calculate all the materials you will need. Always try to keep a notebook with you to make calculations, drawings and blueprints, so if something doesn’t fit or doesn’t convince you, you can swap things around. Remember that the procedure will produce a large amount of debris and you will probably need a skip.

Everything ready!

Step 1. Removing the baths taps

  • Protect the floor of the bathroom: Use cardboard to avoid damaging the tiles and other nearby items such as doors, cabinets, etc., protect them if necessary, once they are damaged, they are damaged.
  • Close the water valves: Cut off the bathroom hot and cold water valves or the entire house water valves if the bathroom doesn’t have its own.
  • Remove the old taps: Unscrew the old fixtures and clamping mechanisms of the shower rod, this will be done differently depending on the model.
  • Also remove the drain: Unscrew the fixed drain valve of the bathtub. Use a screwdriver.

Step 2. Removing the bathtub

  • Remove the tiles: Try using a hammer and chisel to remove one or two rows of tiles from above the bathtub. Always wear gloves.
  • Remove side tiles: keep removing the tiles that cover the front and the sides of the bathtub. (If there are any)
  • Continue to use a hammer and chisel: Break the seal that surrounds the bathtub in order to extract it without difficulty.
  • Remove the bathtub: Ask for help from someone, if possible, especially if the tub is old foundry.

It’s time to collect all the debris and to think about the next step.



Step 3. Preparing the surface and the drainpipe

  • Protect the drainpipe: Very important! Thoroughly clean the drain of the bathtub, which will serve to make connections with the shower valve. Cover with a cloth, while you finish cleaning the rubble and make the plinth.
  • Prepare the ground for the shower plate: Make a new plinth if necessary to get a flat support bracket. Mix sand and grey cement or purchase dry mortar ready to mix with water alone.
  • Make sure the surface is perfectly levelled, it is essential for correct placement of the shower tray. Note that the hole for the drain valve must have enough space to make the connections.
  • Measure the space for the shower tray: Typically it will not match the place where the bathtub drain was. Note that shower trays have different points of drainage, depending on size and model.
  • Connect the pipes: Make pipe connections with PVC flexible pipe 40 mm in diameter, it will be easier to make small corrections regarding the height rather than the rigid option. Measure the piece you need and cut with a cutter key or a hacksaw with an appropriate blade.
  • Clean with PVC cleaner and glue all joints with glue.

Step 4. Placement of the shower tray and waste trap

  • If the old drain connection runs directly to a general drain from the bathroom, there is no need to place a siphon valve to prevent odours. On the contrary if the evacuation tube runs directly to the general downspout of the house itself you will have to place a siphon valve.
  • Build brick support: On the prepared and levelled surface, place the shower tray again. Mark with a pencil around the whole visible perimeter. Leave a few millimetres for expansion between the tray and the wall; then overlay it with silicone to prevent water leakage. Also, mark the position where the valve hole is, so you know where it is. This way you can install the valve in after sealing the PVC pipe joints .Take off the shower tray and place four pieces of 10 cm solid brick as supports. Fix with mortar and levelling paste. Finish off by completing all sides. Prepare a nice base to place your tiles later on.
  • Shower tray adhesion: Place mortar, glue or cement over the base to fix the shower tray.
  • Place the shower tray
  • Levelling and adjusting the shower tray: Check the level and adjust, tapping the edges with a rubber hammer. It is important that it is level, since the platform dish has its own drainage.
  • Place the valve: place on the seal and then fix of the valve.
  • Place the tiles
  • Clean the surface: Remove the remaining debris and dust, which could interfere after the sealing.
  • Cover the joints correctly Stretch a bead of silicone with a gun along all joints between the tray and the walls.
  • Properly seal the joints: press with your finger, previously dipped in water, along the whole line of silicone to seal the joints and match the joins. Remove the excess.
  • Place the taps.



Step 5. valve connection

The last step for a perfect installation. There should be no leakage. All valves, regardless of the type of shower tray; normal, flat, ultra-thin, plate work … they all have a similar connection.

  • Connect the valves: Place the threaded ring and gasket seal seat in the PVC drainage pipe, rigid or flexible. insert the tube into the valve. This should go as far as possible into the valve outlet. This doesn’t have to be glued. Tightly screw the ring to the thread of the outlet valve. The connection is identical whether the valve will be raised or flush to the floor, flat dish or slimline shower.

After you have installed the shower tray all you have to do is choose an appropriate and consistent screen that fits with your bathroom design. At Mundilite we have a variety of shower screens and we can even make them to your measurements. You can also customize the screen with digital design or decoration. (LINK)

The benefits of changing to a shower are many: safety, comfort, saving water and energy, more visual space and accessibility, Now you know us! Its time to get started!

Saving space in small bathrooms

At Mundilite we love to squeeze all the potential out of a small bathroom, to make it a comfortable and inviting place.

As you know, there is never a second chance for a first impression. When your bathroom is small, it’s normal to encounter problems finding suitable furniture for it, right? Do not panic, we are here to help you!

Also at Mundilite we will show you the best tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your bathroom and make it look bigger.


Plan carefully

In large bathrooms, there aren’t any problems, because there is space for everything, but in a small bathroom we need to know your priorities.

For this type of bathroom we need a shower that breaks the visual continuity. Another option is one that maximizes the space, a ST- angular or classic shower tray with a screen that provides the feeling of spaciousness.

The suspended sink

A suspended sink is less cluttering, and takes up less space than the traditional sinks. With a nice minimalist design, like the Sigma and Epsilon models, they will increase visual space.

You also have the Delta sink option with a small cupboard to store things, helping to hide products. This option has a few advantages, cleaning is much easier and as it does not occupy space on the floor, also making the bathroom looks wider.



The Colours

White, beige, ivory, pearl grey are neutral colours that bring light. If you have a small bathroom playing with these colours is a great solution. They also help give a sense of spaciousness, reflecting off mirrors, glass and metal surfaces. You can learn more about how to choose the colours of your bathroom.

Use every corner

If the ceiling is high, place shelves above the door, do not forget towel warmer radiators, they will save a nice area of space, if you have a cupboard you can add a couple of shelves for towels inside, making that cupboard a little more effective. Think and be creative, sometimes there is a potential space saver just waiting to be found!


Necessary complements

If you add a mirror, it increases the feeling of space and will help to enlarge the room and give brightness. In addition, to avoid towels interfering with the light, you can hang them behind the door with hooks or a folding towel rack.

Choosing a style

The best bathrooms designs; Zen-style, minimalist, contemporary and Scandinavian.

If you want to create a feeling of spaciousness choose the same tiles for the walls and floor. You can choose a large tile or elongated slats, if chosen correctly very small tiles can create a spectacular effect. Otherwise, we advise you to use special paint for bathrooms (except in the shower). It provides a clean and homogeneous appearance resulting in making it look bigger.

Finally, last but not least, from Mundilite we want to help even more. In case you are not going to re-plan your bathroom, but you want to change and renew it, watch the video, to help with storage issues and the distribution of the furniture you need in the bathroom.




Bathroom decoration trends

In Mundilite we intend to make life easier without neglecting trends and comfort.

We create beautiful bathrooms for everyone’s taste and style!

The bathroom has become a relaxing space in which we spend a lot of time taking care of our bodies and minds. It is the place where you can disconnect from work and all of the daily tasks. You should devote time to care for yourself, and in a comfortable space, without forgetting the design.

In 2016, Bathrooms are comfortable, bright and cosy, as should be every room of the house. Goodbye to the step-in showers which are being moved aside by the walk-in showers, perfectly and discreetly integrated into the surrounding surface, they are the main trend in bathroom design.


The importance of choosing a shower tray

Walk-in showers are essential in any bathroom. Once integrated, they create a continuous ground surface, offering a contemporary design for the house. And it’s not only aesthetically very elegant, but it makes small bathrooms have a great feeling of spaciousness. They have a safe and easy entrance, while offering greater freedom of movement without any tripping hazard. They are ideal for modern bathrooms, where age is not a barrier for having a stylish modern and comfortable shower.


They are perfect for new builds and also are suitable for renovated older buildings. With the ST-ONE and the NEXT & WIND collections, created by Mundilite you won’t have any excuses for not enjoying a shower. All these extra-slim shower trays are characterized by having antibacterial and anti-slip finishes with water resistant surfaces. They have high durability, with mass pigmentation and easily repairable if necessary. They are all manufactured with a flat perimeter frame to ensure proper seating of the screen. They feature 3D slopes for perfect water drainage. When choosing the shower tray, you can choose from 8 standard colours and 8 textures and 3 stainless steel drains. In addition, to make sure that the shower tray is accessible to everyone Mundilite we have established the possibility of adding a ramp with or without a texture to include it as part of the chosen shower tray.

The shower screens are the key element for the bathroom


This year’s new styles consist, mainly of a minimalism design, with many straight lines and simple finishes providing a stylish environment. Among the selection of shower screens at Mundilite we categorize 3 types with 4 glass colours, which can be transparent, matte or cardglass with anti-scale systems. They are fully customizable and you can add as many sliding doors as necessary or, if you prefer a fixed screen: – X Series, Frontal, Angular, Circular, Walk-in and Disability collections are available and have endless possibilities with each of them.

Good by to the traditional!


As for the furniture and the toilets, the trend remains the same. They bring  lightness and spaciousness  to the bathroom and have obvious advantages in terms of ease of cleaning and use of space. Among the collections of Mundilite you can find Alpha 2, Epsilon, Epsilon 2 Sigma, Sigma 2 Delta, Delta 2 and Surface.

With 2016 bathroom trends you can convert your bathroom into a place that offers much more in all aspects.

How to eliminate your shower screens limescale

How many products have you used to try to eliminate the limescale on your shower screen? Daily, water containing lime and shower gels can leave traces on the screen. Dirt exposed on the screen penetrates the glass through tiny pores. If you have not yet found the formula that helps your daily cleaning, a screen with hydrophobic treatment, will help as it repels water, either in a conventional or a more innovative way.

So you can appreciate the difference, we have exposed some cases.

It is impossible to see the micro pores of any solid surface without any amplification. The most common water repellent treatment, a liquid, creates a smooth surface filling these pores. They are products composed of resins or transparent polymers, externally treating your shower screen. As for its resistance to high temperatures and durability, the fact is that over time there are certain limitations.

Super hydrophobic

These treatments have high water repellence due to nanoparticles present in the composition. In the pictures below you can see a comparison of the degree of water repellence depending on the type of surface.


Drop of water falling into a non-stick frying pan. Hydrophobic material.


Drops of water sliding on a non-stick frying pan. Necessary inclination: almost 70 °.


Drop of water bouncing off a laser-treated super hydrophobic metal.


Necessary inclination 5 °.


Here is a demonstration of how a fabric can become waterproof to any liquid. For this purpose, scientists from the Technological University of Lodz, Poland, have created a wax coating to apply on the surface of the fabric and does not alter its internal structure. Thus the water does not pass between the fibres.

The standard anti-lime scale used by Mundilite is a hydrophobic treatment applied at room temperature. With it, you will achieve  easier cleaning of your shower screen.

Another alternative would be an integrated coating at the base with silicon oxide, without waxes, silicones or oils, like Nano4GlassCeramic. Like the standard treatments, its function is to repel liquids and scale. It is an antibacterial product, resistant to high temperatures and ice, also protecting from UV rays. This is ecologically friendly, since you need less water and cleaning products for the maintenance of your shower screen. In addition, durability can be extended over time if applied properly.

PowerClean is a super hydrophobic treatment developed by Mundilite with which it has managed to create an invisible film on the glass surface of the shower screen. This way, calcareous incrustations  can be largely avoided. To prolong the durability of the treatment, as well as a greater and more effective adherence to the glossy surface, the product is applied at high temperatures.

Tips for routine cleaning of your shower screen

We assume that your shower screen is composed of different materials such as glass, plastic or aluminium. Each requiring specific cleaning , bearing in mind that you will need to use neutral soap in all cases.

If your shower screen is made of glass or acrylic, gels and neutral soaps are the best. Do not use steel wool or abrasive cloths, you could damage it!

Rinse the shower screen with cold water and brush the lime scale off the surface., if you use hot water, once it has evaporated the lime scale will remain.

If the unwanted substances are still present, it is recommended to use lemon juice or acetic acid (vinegar) diluted in water. Repeat the process if necessary, and leave for a few minutes before washing off with cold water. Without doubt the shower screen will be like brand new! If after installation of the shower screen there is a grease spot on the glass, use a neutral gel or soap to clean.

Another common concern is how to clean aluminium profiles, for this try a gentle cleanser specifically made  for this material. Also, if your shower screen has guided self-cleaning or if it does not have lower runners, this will make cleaning easier. On the other hand, lubricating the bearings lengthens its life, thus avoiding buying spare parts. You’ll save for sure!

Remember that, over time, as you use the shower, the effectiveness of the original anti-scale treatment may decrease. If this is your case, Mundilite offers you a standard anti lime treatment to apply as a top up.

Currently most hydrophobic materials are based on chemical coatings. On the other hand scientists at the University of Rochester, New York, have developed a laser technique that creates micro and nano-structures to give new properties to metals. For now it has been tested on the surface of titanium, platinum and brass plates. Perhaps in the future it will apply to glazed surfaces. In the following link you can see a demonstration of the results of this laser

Perhaps because of this post you have discovered why your screen is still dirty even though you clean it every day of the week. Hopefully these tips will help with keeping your shower screen clean  until you decide to change it and save on products with Mundilite.

Types of materials for your bathroom basin

Questions that will help you choose the material for your bathroom sink : Is it a quality material? What maintenance is required? What are the possibilities of matching my bathroom? Here you will find information on all the different materials available . Choose the one for you!

The ceramic

Did you know that ceramic materials such as porcelain or stoneware , are obtained by vitrification . This means that different minerals are baked in an oven at high temperatures , while continuing to apply glaze.

Ceramic basin, a classic among classics, it is known for its lasting shine and pure white. A colour that remains unchanged to products such as bleach . A high percentage of these basins are recyclable so contributing to caring for the environment as well as being resistant to scratches. If you want something simple , this is your sink. The colours are limited, but you can find a model with decorative motifs or if you prefer a matte finish.

Advice. It is a fragile material , so it is advisable to pay special attention when handling.


Leroy Merlin – Nordic Series


Roca – Urban Series


Ceramic basin (todolavabos)



Did you know, Acrylic is a thermoplastic material , or what is the same, heat pliable. This synthetic material is normally composed of an acrylic layer , and reinforced with fiberglass or polyurethane.

Acrylic sinks are known for their lightness and also have a glossy finish. Thanks to the development of different compounds as Parapan or Duralight , today these sinks are functional and decorative. Resistant to scratches. They are also easily recyclable.

Advice. Do not allow high heat, cigarettes or flames come into contact with this product, as it will become deformed by heat. Also pay attention to the use of nail polish and nail polish remover as they contain acetone and lanolin and this could affect the acrylic surface.

Glass Design. Open Model

Teuco. Suite Colection


Mineral lacarga

Did you know, that the sink mineral filler in addition to being composed of minerals, also contains resins and additives. This mixture is pigmented throughout , thus providing a colour similar to that of the surface.

These sinks are less shiny than the porcelain finish, but are warm to the touch and resistant to shocks. Offering numerous possibilities when decorating your bathroom with its original and avant-garde forms, as well as different textures, colors and sizes. Among its qualities is it´s resistance to cleaning products and even solvents.

Do not forget. If the sink becomes scratched you do not need to worry as repair of any scratch is very easy to repair.

lavabo Delta con textura

Natural stone

Natural stone sinks are made from materials such as marble , slate or granite. It is less resistant to shock and heavier materials . Depending on the type of stone, these sinks can give your bathroom a colonial, elegant or rustic look . In addition each basin is unique, either by variations in porosity , texture or colour. You can choose different shapes or as manufacturers, it is possible to tailor it your individual requirements. As for cleanliness, it is true that it requires more maintenance due to the porosity of the stone, so it has limited resistance to cleaning products.

Advice. Take special care with possible stains, such as rust which can be caused by leaving low quality metal products wet on the surface.

Samples on Campoloco web.


Bathroom basin “hojas apomazadas” (todolavabos)


Bath collection. Stone series. Aros model


The artificial stone

The artificial stone basin is made of cement and small stones. Giving your bathroom an industrial , informal and innovative style. It is a stong material, but less common in homes. Pay special attention to cleaning products, especially to acids , since they may cause some unwanted effects.


Realcem. Concrete bathroom basin


Bathco. Camargo bathroom basin



Wood sinks are treated with resins and other components , thereby ensuring total impermeability. Teka wood is available. They are healthy and warm to the touch.They are also unique because of the texture and hue From the wood. One of its qualities is the resistance to ultraviolet rays. On the other hand , it is true that they require more maintenance and over time, may have aesthetic or
functional problems. If this is the sink you want, you can choose between different shapes and colors.

Samples here and here.


Boxart. Timber bathroom basin (archiexpo)

Tempered glass

Security tempered glass is subjected to a process of verification, as with ceramics. Cristal sinks are easy to clean but at the same time, require more cleaning because they get dirty easily. When decorating your bathroom, you can choose between numerous shapes and colours, plus matte or crystal finish. Giving your bathroom an original or elegant touch.

Note. With the glass option ,the edge of the sink will appear green.


tempered glass modern basin

Boxart. Tempered glass modern basin (archiexpo).


The steel

Stainless steel is known for its antibacterial properties , its easy maintenance even against limescale , durability and impact resistant and non- corrosive. Idealnfor the health sector. However, if bleach or chlorinated products are used for cleaning , it could stain so it is important not to use strong cleaning products.

Mediclinics. Stainless steel basin


In the case of enameled steel , it has the advantages of ceramics and steel, but it could end up becoming rusty long term. This is due to the nature of ferric steel components and contact with moisture.

Glass Design. Glo Ball.

Glass Design. Glo Ball.

Other materials

There are natural materials that are rare but at the same time interesting. This is the case of cork sinks, like this.

The ideal material for a shower

When you have clear ideas about your shower, it is important to know what material best suits your needs. Do you have a custom dish or a standard one? One made with synthetic or natural materials?

Shower trays standard measures

Among them are those made of ceramic, acrylic, FRP and enamelled steel.

Steel glazed

Estos platos de ducha naturales son fabricados en serie, normalmente con meta de un grosor fino. A continuación son recubiertos con un esmalte cerámico. Son usados principalmente en grandes bloques de edificios por el atractivo del precio.

These natural shower trays are manufactured in a series, usually with a fine layer of steel. Below are coated with a ceramic enamel. They are used mainly in large blocks of buildings because of the attractive price.

The advantages:

  • Resistant to scratches.
  • They are more economical.

The disadvantages:

  • Despite being enamelled over a long period of time they can end up becoming oxidized.


Existen diferentes materiales cerámicos como la arcilla, el caolín, el gres y la porcelana. Ellos se obtienen al vitrificar distintos minerales naturales. Esto quiere decir que son cocidos en un horno a altas temperaturas, aplicándoles también un esmalte de cuarzo.

There are different ceramic materials such as clay, kaolin, stoneware and porcelain. They are obtained by vitrifying different natural minerals. This means that they are baked in an oven at high temperatures, also a quartz glaze is applied.


  • It is often economical and recyclable.
  • Does not yellow with products such as bleach due to the quartz enamel.
  • It is resistant to scratches and has a lasting shine.


  • Installation is difficult because of their weight and their fragility.
  • It is a cold material


It is a thermoplastic material, ie deformed by  heat (even a lit cigarette). Acrylic shower trays are typically made with an acrylic layer and reinforced with fiberglass or polyurethane. Usually housed inside a table carrying agglomerate.

Its advantages

  • They are warmer and lighter.
  • They have a glossy finish.
  • They are cheaper because they are mass-produced.

Its disadvantages

  • They are fragile and are scratched with relative ease.
  • They are difficult to repair.
  • Do not resist some aromatic solvents and aggressive cleaning products.
  • Contact with water and soap increases the danger of slipping.

The PRFV (Fiber Reinforced Polyester Glass)

It is a thermoset material. In the manufacturing process of this synthetic sanitary a layer of gel  is applied to the mold and then coated with fiberglass that gives the physical qualities.


  • They are integrally made of the same material.
  • Light and warm.
  • Antiskid with easy water drainage.
  • Resistant to aromatic solvents.
  • Antibacterials.
  • Easily repairable.
  • They are well suited to the outdoors if the suitable gel coat is applied. They are therefore suitable for sport boats and high-performance instalations.
  • Available in various finishes and colours.


  • Its price is somewhat higher than acrylic or ceramics, due to more craftsmanship.

Tailored shower trays

Produced with materials such as mineral filler, natural stone and teak wood.

Mineral load

Is a mixture of minerals, resins and additives and combining a rigid material with a reasonable weight. These synthetic trays have a special outer coating. Sometimes the mixture is pigmented to provide a colour very similar to the surface (so scratches do not show).

Its advantages:

  • They are warm and are easily cleaned with a damp sponge and soap.
  • Shock resistant.
  • Antimicrobial Agents and  Anti Slip.
  • Resistant to most cleaning products and even various aromatic solvents.
  • They are ultra-thin, approximately 3 cm., and can be installed at ground level for easy access to the shower.
  • Easily repairable.
  • You can make the most of your bathroom thanks to custom manufacturing, along with a wide range of shapes, textures and colours.

Plato de ducha a medida con componentes minerales

Its disadvantages:

  • In the case of carry gel, the degree of anti-slip depends on the surface texture of the shower (stress test). This point does not affect the dishes made with special coatings, which guarantee a high degree of anti-slip regardless of the texture.
  • The price is higher due to the manufacturing process as well as the quality of materials.

Natural stone

Se trata de platos de ducha fabricados con pizarra, mármol, granito o cuarcita. Naturales en lugar de sintéticos.

Are shower trays made of slate, marble, granite or quartz.


  • They are manufactured as.
  • Nonslip.
  • Easy access.
  • Exclusive by the hue of the stone.


  • They are less warm, less shock resistant.
  • Heavy.
  • Its price is high.
  • They require more maintenance because of their porosity and their limited resistance to cleaning products.


This wood resists fungi, termites and insects. It is the most waterproof. It is also treated with an oil to protect and further conservation. The sanitary shower made of this material is not synthetic but natural.


  • It has a reasonable weight and consistency.
  • It is resistant to moisture.
  • Warm andante- slip.
  • Resists weathering.


  • You need more maintenance.
  • Its price is high.

At the forefront: COMPOSITE STONE

The resin shower trays  ST-ONE allow you to create a bathroom with style. They are composed of different resins in addition to minerals and additives. They have a high tech coating that gives them some additional health properties. There is the possibility of 3D printing.


  • Perfect fitting of the screen.
  • Maximum water drainage thanks to the 3D surface generated by numerical control.
  • Class 3 slip.
  • Pigmented mass. So in case of scratching or damage, the internal colour is similar to the surface.
  • Custom-made and with the possibility of special forms or adaptation pillars.
  • Easily repairable at home.
  • Available in several models

Plato de ducha a medida azul

A renovated classic: polyester reinforced with fibreglass

There are six classic models plus two later models. The latter two are textured slate type, ultra-thin and with different measurements. One with a drying zone. And the other with the possibility of varying the position of the drain and the height of the plate.

Plato de ducha de poliester color crema

What colours combine to decorate your bathroom?

Depending on the light and space you have available you can play with combining colours. Take the opportunity to capture your style with that little touch of distinction.

A small or windowless bathroom

In decorating small bathrooms it is ideal to create an effect of space and light.

  • Tiles.Walls in blue and white tones, and a floor in blue, create the visual effect of space and light, plus harmony and tranquility. The touch of colour on the floor will allow you to hide dirt slightly.
  • Screen. Dare to use a little colour with decorated glass as with the Corsive type, or with a natural and original choice such as Red Sea. If you want the profiles in white, in keeping with the whole bathroom, a circular New Glass screen or an angular S .3000 CUSP could be your model.

You can choose a model with maximum screen opening, with a door that allows you to save space.

  • Shower unit. You can choose one of the resin shower trays, with a skin texture in soft tones like pergamon. So you can add a little colour without clashing with the tiles. You can also opt for shades like vison if you decide to combine with screen printing Red Sea.
  • Toilet. The prestigious Japanese firm Toto Aquia II features the model, ref. CST416M # 01. This particular model is reasonably priced within its range. You can choose cotton or colonial white tone.
  • Bidet. These also come in various shapes and colours. Also available is the  Pacifica model, that matches the Toto, mentioned before.
  • Sink. The Epsilon model has curves that soften the lines. So it is easy on the eye. A good choice for this model is the skin texture and pergamon colour.
  • Accessories. You can try an integrated towel heater, depending on the room available either one or two rails.  Both are available in the same texture and colour and with a choice of several sizes.Imagen de estante Skin pergamon
  • Furniture. Needs to be functional, and the use of one mirror will give the feeling of space.


An idea. When your bathroom is connected to a bright bedroom or vice versa, you can incorporate a sliding glass door to give light to the room that lacks it. If you are looking for an economic model, the PT-100 is ideal. Use also in a medium or vertical printed glass screen and this will preserve privacy while allowing the light through.


How about a splash of colour?

There are basic colour combinations, which all can be found on the colour wheel. This can serve as a basis when choosing your ideal colour combination.

Imagen del círculo cromático y relaciones entre los colores

  • Analog colours are those colours that are close on the colour wheel. An example: red and orange red.
  • Complementary colours are at opposite ends of the colour wheel. Example: violet and yellow.
  • Monochromatic colours are those that vary in tone within the same colour.

At the same time you can combine contrasting colours, you can change the hue of one of them. Brown and green are an example of this and intertwine perfectly.


  • Walls or tiles. Best not to overload. A beige hue for example.
  • Screen. You can choose a shower screen with discreet screen printing i.e. DECOLOR Leaf or  Shells in different versions to create a more calming environment. With the Smart series you will create a minimalist environment.
  • Shower tray. Perfect with a smooth wood texture in chocolate.
  • Sink. A good idea would be the Sigma 2 model with worktop in smooth wood texture and combining two colours (bicolor.Lavabo Sigma con 2 senos en color chocolate y blanco

Advice. If the sink is to be combined with a piece of furniture, you can choose the sink body in smooth wood, synthetic or white. The cabinet would look great in chocolate brown tone matt lacquer or real wood veneer. Look!

Note. Textures like leather or wood become more noticeable by combining them with a neutral colour like white.

  • A complement. The vantgarde seat can be matched together with the sink.


Dare to be different

A good base would be to choose a colour without a hue, such as neutral, and then add colour.

Paleta de colores neutros o acromáticos

If this is your style, a mixture of achromatic colours  where you could highlight a vivid colour. Imagine a black and white bathroom with red accents.

  • Screen. You can try  glass decorated with serigraphs DECOLOR Egypt in different versions or Chinese. A model of screen Walk-in type is very attractive and at the same time simple and elegant.
  • Shower tray. It will be a good choice a ST-ONE leather texture highlighting a black colour.
  • Sink. It would be a good option to use Alpha 2 model with skirt, bio-color, with a white breast counter top and a black leather texture to match.

Advice. If you want to put in a piece of furniture, you can use colours or black in matte, to avoid glare.

  • Complement. Think of using a shelf in the same line of colours and textures as the shower and the sink.

Advice. You can choose the colour red and its variations for small bathrooms. Using this colour will give the space colour and life.

  • Seat. Go for a cutting-edge model and personality to this daring bathroom. This is the model Podium, with texture and colour.Asiento para baño color negro