Bathroom decoration trends

In Mundilite we intend to make life easier without neglecting trends and comfort.

We create beautiful bathrooms for everyone’s taste and style!

The bathroom has become a relaxing space in which we spend a lot of time taking care of our bodies and minds. It is the place where you can disconnect from work and all of the daily tasks. You should devote time to care for yourself, and in a comfortable space, without forgetting the design.

In 2016, Bathrooms are comfortable, bright and cosy, as should be every room of the house. Goodbye to the step-in showers which are being moved aside by the walk-in showers, perfectly and discreetly integrated into the surrounding surface, they are the main trend in bathroom design.


The importance of choosing a shower tray

Walk-in showers are essential in any bathroom. Once integrated, they create a continuous ground surface, offering a contemporary design for the house. And it’s not only aesthetically very elegant, but it makes small bathrooms have a great feeling of spaciousness. They have a safe and easy entrance, while offering greater freedom of movement without any tripping hazard. They are ideal for modern bathrooms, where age is not a barrier for having a stylish modern and comfortable shower.


They are perfect for new builds and also are suitable for renovated older buildings. With the ST-ONE and the NEXT & WIND collections, created by Mundilite you won’t have any excuses for not enjoying a shower. All these extra-slim shower trays are characterized by having antibacterial and anti-slip finishes with water resistant surfaces. They have high durability, with mass pigmentation and easily repairable if necessary. They are all manufactured with a flat perimeter frame to ensure proper seating of the screen. They feature 3D slopes for perfect water drainage. When choosing the shower tray, you can choose from 8 standard colours and 8 textures and 3 stainless steel drains. In addition, to make sure that the shower tray is accessible to everyone Mundilite we have established the possibility of adding a ramp with or without a texture to include it as part of the chosen shower tray.

The shower screens are the key element for the bathroom


This year’s new styles consist, mainly of a minimalism design, with many straight lines and simple finishes providing a stylish environment. Among the selection of shower screens at Mundilite we categorize 3 types with 4 glass colours, which can be transparent, matte or cardglass with anti-scale systems. They are fully customizable and you can add as many sliding doors as necessary or, if you prefer a fixed screen: – X Series, Frontal, Angular, Circular, Walk-in and Disability collections are available and have endless possibilities with each of them.

Good by to the traditional!


As for the furniture and the toilets, the trend remains the same. They bring  lightness and spaciousness  to the bathroom and have obvious advantages in terms of ease of cleaning and use of space. Among the collections of Mundilite you can find Alpha 2, Epsilon, Epsilon 2 Sigma, Sigma 2 Delta, Delta 2 and Surface.

With 2016 bathroom trends you can convert your bathroom into a place that offers much more in all aspects.

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