odulata panel arquitectonico D

3D Panels

Made with SurfacePlus material, a material characterised by its pure white, so it softens the character of the design. An ideal architectural panel to give a distinctive touch.

panel decorativo d plano técnico modelo odulata


facil reparacion en caso de impactos bruscos

Easy to install

diferentes orientaciones de instalación panel arquitectónico D

Different installation orientations

3D architectural panels

3D architectural panels can be combined in different ways to create unique environments. The different designs and combinations of the decorative panels allow us to play with them to create environments with our personality, taste and own style in our homes.

In addition, they have some unique advantages, they work as thermal and acoustic insulators, they are simple to fit and can hide uneven areas. Decoration with 3D panels is a key element in interior design.

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