3D Panels

A great option to complement your bathroom are the 3D panels. With a decorative panel for you bathroom wall that you will find here, you can create unique atmospheres in combination with the other components of you bathroom.

We offer you different combinations, colours and designs so that you can create your personal atmosphere at your own style. This is like this at any room at your home, why should the bathroom be different?

Our series

Taking care of details is important in all rooms of the home. Also in the bathroom. We have two models in each of our Gestante, Odulata and Meridian series. The assembly of these coverings is very simple: it sticks perfectly to the walls using adhesive. For greater customization, you can choose between different finishes.

3D Panels SurfacePlus

SurfacePlus is an innovative material with endless possibilities. This is why we manufacture the OduladaPlus and the MeridianPlus 3D panels with this material, due to its similarity to natural stone and its pure white colour scheme.


To complement your bathroom, we suggest a highly versatile and original option, with our range of decorative 3D panels.
Beautiful finishings full of elegance. Can you imagine them covering your bathroom walls?
Other than the gold and our acid tone finishings, we remind you that our panels are also available in RAL or NCS colours.


Paneles acabados  oror


Paneles acabados  oxido rojo

Red Rust

Paneles acabados  oxido verde

Green Rust

Paneles acabados  carta ral ncs

Also available in RAL or NCS colors

Advantages of using 3D panelsAvantages de l’utilisation de panneaux 3D

Other than their esthetical value, they have other advantages, because they will also reinforce your acoustic and thermal insulation. Their installation is also very simple and can help to hide flaws or irregularities in your bathroom wall.

Complement your bathrrom

Our decorative 3D panels can be a key factor when designing your bathroom. If you desire to bring your bathroom to a higher degree of personalization, we invite you to have a look at all the design accessories that Mundilite can offer you for your bathroom.

Shower trays

Where to buy

Locate a Mundilite distributor and tell them about your project.

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